Solo Piano

Outer Reaches

Dedicated to those who push our reach beyond our world, and the worlds they may find.
Sheet music available!

Capstone EP

Oaken Barque: Full Sail

Full Sail is an EP-length album that showcases the style and versatility of composer Peter C. Jagdeo. Its retrofuturistic style speaks deeply to the gamer soul of the composer and hopefully to you, as well.

The concept for the album is as highlights from the soundtrack to a hypothetical sci-fi game.


Of Cloud And Stone

A city of ancient stones, borne aloft in the clouds…a score for chamber orchestra that would be right at home in a high-fantasy game.


Shifting Synth Track

A shifting synth pad track for background. Inspired by Jack Wall.



Looking for a cue or track to add the perfect ambiance to your project?  I’m comfortable in many diverse genres, from orchestral to electronica.  I can create sequenced tracks or write for live performance.  Music is available on license or as work-for-hire.




Not looking for an original composition, but have a need for an arrangement or re-working of an existing piece? Whether it’s for your educational or professional ensemble, I also offer arranging services on a per-active-bar basis.



Voice Overs

Do you need narration or speech in your latest venture?  I’m able to record high-quality speech, and even provide writing/editing services for your script.